Don’t be scared! Shake things up and embrace change! Once you set your mind to something everything will fall into place. That’s what I told myself when I decided to pick up the new iPad Pro 256gb with plans of using it as a laptop replacement for my travel photography workflow. Yes the concept is a bit hard to accept, especially if you are the type of person who has traditionally taken photos, copies them to a computer to edit, backup and share to various social media sites. I’ve been doing that for years! There… Read Article →

Don’t be that guy (ladies this applies to you too). The guy that takes pictures of people without their knowledge or consent.  That’s being a creeper and those are creeper shots. This has been a bone of contention within the photojoaqers for some time.  Sonny takes what I consider creeper shots, but he considers them “Street Photography”.  Brian says if the subject(s) isn’t/aren’t paying attention to their surroundings because they are on their phones, then they are “zombies” and it’s ok to take their picture. I say if a person or person’s body parts are… Read Article →

24 hours in Milan Italy, the Fashion Capitol of the World. Unfortunately not by choice, we were unexpectedly booted from our flight shortening our stay in Milan. Normally something like this would be pretty upsetting to me, but it was all part of the journey. Besides the only goal I had was to explore and get lost with my camera, nothing makes me feel more alive than that! The obligatory selfie in the hotel lobby. (Hotel NH Collection Milano President) Hey Siri! One of the best things I did in preparation for this trip was… Read Article →

Amazing! For a little over 10 years I’ve been seeing the Bay Bridge every day of my life, but  yesterday was  the first time I noticed the gate at Pier 24 opened. I walked over and noticed this view that I just had to capture, after snapping my shot I noticed a sign mentioning something about photography. To my surprise Pier 24 turned out to be a museum / art gallery  “A place to view and think about photography” according to their website: The next time I find some free time I’ll have to check… Read Article →

Welcome to Copenhagen, my first trip out to Europe and it was one a good one! Freezing, wet and adventurous are a few words to describe my experience in Copenhagen. Not to mention, Bikes! Everywhere! I really loved seeing people use bikes as their chosen form of transportation. Not only that, it was nice seeing people not having to lock up their bikes since the crime rate is extremely low. (never going to see that in San Francisco!) Being into the craft of Beers, the Carlsberg Brewery was definitely on the list of places to… Read Article →

My first time trying out “Fuji Sushi Buffet” and I’ll have to say definitely not bad for $17.99 all you can eat sushi boat. One recommendation get there early! The restaurant opened at 11am and there was already a line of people waiting to get in. Lucky for us, we were second in line so there was no problem grabbing seats at the sushi bar. The service was quick and the staff was friendly, not a bad way to enjoy Sunday. This Hamachi cheek was…. “hella good!” I didn’t even know they had raw oysters… Read Article →

Whenever I look for objects to photograph, I go to Oakland’s “The East Bay Depot For Creative Reuse” store in Temescal.  Here you can find all kinds of stuff from bottles, dolls, old appliances, paper goods, fabrics, etc.  Through the years I have found old cameras, heart shaped rocks, corks of different kinds, paper, lots and lots of paper and a million other items other people would consider junk.  With creativity you can convert these “junks” into art. The store is located in Temescal, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Oakland, California.  The neighborhood derives… Read Article →

About a week ago I found out that the Tomales Bay Oyster Company will be removing their picnic tables and barbecue grills because of a Marin County code enforcement. Sadly their current hours of operations from 9am to 5pm everyday will be cut down to only half days on Friday, Saturday and Sunday effective October 16th, 2015. KPIX News on Channel 5 also showed up while we were there and interviewed the owner along with some of their customers. My family and I visit a few times during the year so we decided to come… Read Article →

Once upon a time there were 5 “techies” (Adrian, Sonny, Brian, Andrew, & Robert from in Austin TX) who loved to take photographs. They said to one another other, “if we ever are at the same location at the same time, we should go on a bar hop photojoaq!” Well… That day finally came when Robert came to visit San Francisco,  we were finally able to make this a reality. First stop on our list was suggested by Brian, the Mandarin Hotel. At first glance the lobby / bar looked pretty simple with not much… Read Article →

Trey Ratcliff is a photographer known for his blog about creating HDR images.  He has ventured into other lucrative businesses from selling lightroom presets, photographic accessories to his online learning school called “The Arcanum“. Most recently he started a kickstarter with Peak Design to create The Everyday Messenger camera bag.   As of September 18, his campaign has made 4 million dollars! Having a weakness for bags in general, I dug deep and paid a walloping $200 for a bag I haven’t even touched.  That’s the power of the almighty Trey. As part of his campaign to… Read Article →

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